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Exclusive subsidised services for members of the Law Society of Scotland

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The Law Society of Scotland is constantly working to improve and develop benefits for our members. We are therefore delighted to offer members exclusive access to legal online services for Scottish practitioners. In conjunction with Bloomsbury Professional: The Scottish Law and Tax Publisher, we are providing access to authoritative digital services so every firm in Scotland can have affordable online guidance to key areas of practice.

Scots Law Online comprises:
  • General Practice Online
  • Conveyancing Law Online
  • Criminal Law Online
  • Mediation Module - New for 2019

See below for full contents of services

Hosted on an easy-to-use and fully searchable digital platform these services will offer you the following benefits:

  • Access to authoritative titles written by leading experts in Scots law and tax at the touch of a button
  • The ability to search a vast library of information and build your own personalised set of frequently used documents
  • Access to an impressive law library at the fraction of print costs from your laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • The ability to share documents with colleagues and clients by email and through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Outstanding value for money – subsidised by The Law Society of Scotland for their members

Price for The Law Society of Scotland Members

General Practice Online:
annual subscription only £290 for up to 5 users

Conveyancing Law Online:
annual subscription only £200 for up to 5 users

Criminal Law Online:
annual subscription only £220 for up to 5 users

Mediation Module - New for 2019:
We are delighted to offer members the opportunity to subscribe to our popular Mediation module for only £300 pa. (RRP £400pa)

Price on application for 6+ Users – Click here

Note: New editions will be added throughout the subscription year at no extra cost

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How to subscribe

To subscribe to this service or for further information please email or contact

Bloomsbury Professional
The Scottish Law and Tax Publisher
9-10 St Andrew Square
Edinburgh EH2 2AF
Tel: 01444 416119

Unrivalled Benefit to Members
Simply select the practice areas you need


General Practice Online comprises:

  • Family Law in Scotland, 7ed by Joe Thomson
  • Employment Law in Scotland, 2ed by Sam Middlemiss and Margaret Downie
  • Drafting Wills in Scotland, 2ed by Alan Barr, Andrew Dalgleish, Hugh Stevens and John Biggar
  • Trusts and Estates in Scotland by Alexander Garden and Simon Mackintosh NEW FOR 2019
  • Inheritance Tax in Scotland by Fiona McDonald and Bill Pagan NEW FOR 2019
  • Mental Health, Incapacity and the Law in Scotland, 2ed by Hilary Patrick and Jill Stavert
  • Adult Protection and the Law in Scotland, 2ed by Hilary Patrick, Nicola Smith and Nairn Young
  • Social Work Law in Scotland, 4ed by Tom Guthrie NEW FOR 2019
  • Delictual Liability, 5ed by Joe Thomson
  • Online service only £290 per annum!

Conveyancing Law Online comprises:

  • Scottish Law of Leases, 4ed by Angus McAllister
  • Scottish Planning Law, 3ed by Ray McMaster, Alan Prior and John Watchman
  • Conveyancing Practice in Scotland, 7ed by Euan Sinclair and Ann Stewart
  • Commercial Leases, 2ed by David Cockburn and Robin Mitchell
  • Land and Buildings Transaction Tax by Ken Wright NEW FOR 2019
  • Online service only £200 per annum!

    Criminal Law Online comprises:

  • Walker & Walker: The Law of Evidence in Scotland, 4ed by Margaret Ross and James Chalmers
  • Wheatley’s Road Traffic Law in Scotland, 6ed by Andrew Brown NEW FOR 2019
  • Scots Criminal Law, 2ed by Sheriff Cubie
  • A Fingertip Guide to Scots Criminal Law, 6ed by Peter Hamilton
  • Human Rights Law in Scotland, 4ed by Jim L Murdoch
  • Online service only £220 per annum!

    Mediation Online comprises:

  • How to Master Commercial Mediation
  • How to Master Negotiation
  • How to Master Workplace and Employment Mediation
  • International Mediation: Breaking the Business Deadlock (3rd Ed)
  • Mediation Advocacy: Representing Clients in Mediation
  • Mediation: An A-Z Guide
  • Mediation Law and Civil Practice
  • Mediation Skills and Techniques: Triangle of Influence
  • Setting up in Business as a Mediator
  • Online service only £300 per annum!